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* updated 01/19
Stuttgart Filmwinter opens Sound Space
(Jan. 18-21)

This year, the annual Stuttgart Filmwinter festival for new media (Jan. 18-21) has a 3D Graphics and Sound event called "Sound Space" which exhibits 5 artworks that combine sound and space in an ambitious way. . The sponsors of the event are,, and who connected the chosen artworks in an online multi-user environment for sound exploration and collaboration.

Web3D Symposium February in Germany
(Paderborn, Feb. 19-22)

The Web3D Consortium and SIGGRAPH are jointly sponsoring the annual Web3D Symposium in Paderborn, Germany, 19-22 February, 2001. It will include
tutorials, panels, peer-reviewed papers, a trade show, a "German Day" seminar day, a "Commercial Track" seminar day, and the Web3D Roundup.

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Gamer Zone
With the growing popularity of 3D games and gaming consoles, we added a special News section dedicated this exciting market sector. Find out about new titles and technologies!  more

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