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Letter from the Editor
by Timothy Martin, CEO and Editor-in-Chief

Greetings 3D Web Aficionados!

Just recently in attending Internet World 2000 in New York City, the need for a forum such as the 3DeZine was made even more apparent, as the amount of new 3D Web companies popping up on the radar were a surprise to even the most avid 3D Web heads. Companies such as Oraios and Mendel 3D are coming out of the R&D woodwork with stunning and innovative approaches to 3D Web implementation. And that's just the tip of the iceberg: there are certainly dozens more just below the radar, ready to launch in the next six months. Look for the Web3D Symposium February, 2001 in Paderborn, Germany to provide the next stage for major 3D Web coalescence. The typical chaos that surrounds an emerging technology industry demands that there be a unifying force that covers all the "games". You can trust that force in 3D Web to be the VirtuWorlds 3DeZine...

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  • Web3D Symposium February in Germany
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  • Rev Bob 'Bob' Crispen:
    Lighting your worlds

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