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January 19, 2001

  • Sony Approves Conexant Modem Tech for PS2
  • Sega Ships Dreamcast Broadband Adapter

Sony Approves Conexant Modem Tech for PS2
(Spectrum Media, January 19)

Sony Computer Entertainment has approved Conexant Systems' dial-up modem technology as a Tools and Middleware product to provide Internet connectivity for the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system.

In addition, Conexant has developed dedicated modem drivers for the PlayStation 2 and has completed the adaptation of the driver to the TCP/IP, PPP protocol stack and/or browser software, to be adopted by software developers such as Access Co. Ltd., SN Systems Ltd., and PlanetWeb Inc./ERGOSOFT Corp.

Game developers such as ASCII Corp., Capcom Co. Ltd., Enix Corp., Hudson Soft Co. Ltd., Koei Co. Ltd., Konami Co. Ltd., Namco Ltd., Square Co. Ltd. and Taito Corp. have also agreed to support Conexant's SmartSCM modem and will soon launch Internet-enabled games for PlayStation 2.

Modem manufacturers including AIWA Co. Ltd., ASCII, Cadmus Micro Inc., I-O Data Device Inc., Melco Inc., and TDK Corp. will use Conexant's SmartSCM Universal Serial Bus (USB) V.90 chipset to create modems targeted for the PlayStation 2 market, with additional modem manufacturers to closely follow.

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Sega Ships Dreamcast Broadband Adapter
(Spectrum Media, January 19)

Sega of America last week release its $60 Dreamcast Broadband Adapter, which lets users connect the Dreamcast to high-speed network connections such as an Ethernet, cable modem or DSL. The adapter currently supports a few online games including Quake III Arena, Pod 2and Unreal Tournament, with more planned.

The adapter is reportedly compatible with most existing high-speed Internet Service Providers (ISPs), including support for Static IP, DHCP and PPP over Ethernet (PPPoE).

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