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Spazz3D - Workflow & Tool Review
by N. Polys

Inside the new version 2.4: we review the capabilities of this ever-improving, and still-affordable, Web3D authoring tool. Supports VRML 1 & 97 import, VRML97 and Shout3D Export, H-anim 1.1 and Universal Media support. We investigate workflow, wizards, toolkits, and a demo. More

Book Review:
by N. Polys

Core Web3D
by Aaron Walsh and Mikaël Bourges-Sévenier
Prentice Hall 2000

The newest on Web3D is out- and its a doosie! More

Shout 3D- Delivering the Common Denominator
by N. Polys

Get the nitty gritty about this hot new technology! Includes an informative overview and code details about how to deploy interactive Web3D content to the masses. A Java-based Web3D viewer- no browser plug-in required!. More


Game Programming in VRML
by Steve Guynup

Web 3D artist and guru, Steve Guynup lays out principles and techniques for building games in VRML. Steve shows details about how to use his game PROTOs to create fun, shoot-em up 3D applications for the web. More




Alphabet Soup

Our glossary of technical acronyms


Web3D Symposium
Special Edition

from Monterey California!
"All the news that's fit..."
as they say... More




3D Browser Evaluation
In our mission to explore critical Web 3D issues, The 3DEZine Editorial Staff has begun their work on a VRML Browser Comparision Feature. Main evaluation criteria include: Usability, Compatibility, and Capability as well as Readership Votes for their favorite VRML client.

State of the Industry

by N. Polys
An essential introduction to the Web 3D Industry. Includes a feature interview with Neil Trevett, President of the Web 3D Consortium on Web 3D technologies (VRML, X3D, proprietary efforts) and Politics. Find out what the coming years look like for 3D multi-media on the Web. 

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The X3D Initiative

by N. Polys
An overview and technically-oriented exploration of the Web 3D Consortium and the W3C's emerging standard for the Next Generation of Web 3D. Features an in-depth interview with Don Brutzman, VP of Technology for the Consortium and Chairman of the X3D Task Group. Covers issues of the new 'componentized' architecture and access, as well as resources for authoring X3D.

The new XML-compliant specification will open the floodgates for increased 3D Media Integration as well as seamless viewing, better hardware accelleration support, and extensible 3D functionalities.
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