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While many Browser tests focus on conformance to the spec and other technical issues, we should regard spec conformace as axiomatic and therefore we will concentrate on: 
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Some of the best 3D resources are available online!

VRML Browsers for principle end-user platforms 

Version 1.2

Platforms Notes
Cortona 2.2 Parallel Graphics

MAC version just released!

1.9 megs, 
Active Setup. 
Internet Explorer 4.0+ or 
Navigator 4.0+

A stable browser with nice, explicit, graphic navigationals as well as key-commands.  Cortona has robust scripting support, as well as NURBS, Splines, RealAudio/RealVideo & Flash movie texture support. Also: ProgressiveFaceSet support.  Can integrate  with a number of presentation applications (PowerPoint, Word) through its Automation Interface (ActiveX).  They also have a new Multi-User server called 'Islands'! 
Contact 4.4 blaxxun
OpenGL (3.8 meg) 
Direct3D (3.5 meg); 
Internet Explorer 4.0+ or  
Navigator 4.0+
A stable browser with compact navigationals as well as key-commands.  Contact has decent scripting support, as well as NURBS, Splines, and RealAudio/RealVideo support.  The best thing is the support for blaxxun Multi-User worlds and online communities such as Cybertown
OpenWorlds Horizons DRaW Computing
Windows, Irix, Sun A very powerful tool especially for application developers:  The Extensible version allows you to write your own C++ functionalities.  The SGI platform has support for CrystalEyes Stereo Eyewear
Viscape 5.6x Superscape
Windows (4.3 meg); 
Internet Explorer 4.0+ or 
Navigator 4.0+

Gives you access to VRML97 content and content in their proprietary SVG format which has some cool features.  Easy, explicit, graphic navigationals.

NB: It seems that Superscape has shifted its product focus to SeV a plug-in-less Web3D software render.

Cosmo Player 2.1.1 Computer Associates
Mac version (4.4 megs, works only w/ Navigator 4+) 
Windows (3.5 megs),  
One of original VRML Browsers developed by SGI and then by Platinum (briefly).  It is relatively stable and easy to install, has explicit graphic directionals and works well with a 3-button mouse.  Good scripting support.  Unfortunately, it is not being actively developed.
WebDimensions RealNet Software Productions
info coming soon! Windows  
(2.2 megs), 
Internet Explorer 4.0,  
Microsoft Java Virtual Machine 5.0
A Windows version compatible w/ Navigator is coming soon.  As well, versions for Mac and Linux. 
WorldView Computer Associates
Shipped with Windows 98, 
There was a Mac version back in the day.
Intervista's VRML browser is difficult to find online, though it has been shipped in recent years with Windows98 OS, giving it a rightful place here. 

Other Platforms 
Linux Java2 Sun
VRWave VRML97 Loader Open Worlds Horizons
FreeWRL Liquid Reality
Liquid Reality
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