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Current Worlds in the VirtuPortal

Web3D Art

The Web3D Art community has pushed the i3D envelope for years! Surf through the latest and prior shows!

Tech: VRML, Shockwave

X3D Content examples

Contributors to the Web3D Consortium's X3D Task Group have compiled an awesome set of translated examples in X3D, VRML, and HTML ! Released with the 2002 SDK- check it out!


Chemical Markup Visualizations

X3D promises to open XML data for easy visualization- here a set of molecules have been translated from CML to X3D then to VRML and HTML.

Tech: X3D, VRML

Virtual Science

VirtualScience has produced some amazing Web3D content for biomedical visualizations!

Tech: VRML and Shout3D

3D Flights over The Dolomite mountains

We all love Geo Viz, and this world takes us through a rich region of the Alps.

Tech: VRML

int3D Architectural Walkthroughs

Some free models as well as great buildings and scenes!

Tech: VRML

Interior & Housing Design

Here you can construct and decorate your own room with furniture. You can start with a simple room or draw your own house by drawing walls and doors. You can also color the walls and furniture items.

Tech: VRML - Cortona +IE

Virtual Solar System

A great educational application touring our solar system; this is a good one.

Tech: VRML

Will Rourk's Architectural Landmarks

Tech: VRML

Phillip Hansels' Web3D Worlds

A real variety of Web3D worlds; and some places to meet!

Tech: VRML , blaxxun MU

Broadway Seat Locator

Shows and Tickets -> Seat Locator
Dozens of NYC theatres!

Tech: blaxxun3D applet


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