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Current Worlds in the VirtuPortal
A cool project pushing the bounds of Deep Media. Presented at the 14th annual Stuttgarter Filmwinter Festival for Expanded Media by
Wand5, feuersee software, and VirtuWorlds, this multi-user space includes 5 VR Art works that ambitously combine networked space and sound.

You can visit the worlds with a regular VRML browser, but blaxxun is recommended for the Deep Matrix multi-user.

Tech: VRML97

Canonical H-Anim Examples
H-Anim spec 1.0 and 1.1 examples

By the Web3D Consoritum H-Anim WorkingGroup. H-Anim is currently a Recommended Practice of the Web3D Consortium. Final Specification preparations are being made for ISO submission.

Tech: VRML97

Paul Flavin's Java and H-Anim extravaganza
Paul has put together a set of very cool online applications using Java and H-Anim technologies. All 3 of the top links are worth a visit! No Plug-in Required.

Tech: Java Applets

SigningAvatar by Vcom3D
Probably one of the most compelling applications of 3D Humanoid Animation- Avatars can sign text /stories in 2 different sign languages. This is really amazing stuff and won Best Educational Demo at SIGGRAPH 2000.

EAI works best with blaxxun Contact.

Tech: Blaxxun VRML

Medical : Surgical Simulators
Manchester Visualization Centre, University of Manchester Department of Neurosurgery, Leeds General Infirmary School of Computer Studies, University of Leeds

These Medical Schools in the UK collaborated on some cool 3D worlds that simulate various surgical procedures for education.

Tech: VRML97

GeoVRML download and content
GeoVRML is a Recommended Practice of the Web3D Consortium for visualizing geographic and georeferenced data in 3D. A very exciting applicaion space that is getting a boost from major map software companies (e.g. ESRI) providing export support.

Tech: VRML97 + geoVRML Install

PhilemonWorks' Dominos
Philemon Works in Holland produces amazing visualizations and community spaces through their language library called SmallTalk3D.
Check out some VRML output of their 3D Domino application! World record holders in Virtual Domino Toppling with 4.7 million stones!

Tech: VRML

Architecture & Development
uma visualization of development in Donau city.

This company continues to produce quality 3D projects in Real Estate and Education. Check out this tour! Nice looking city in Shout3D which means 'No Plugin required!'.

Tech: Shout3D

Josquin Bernard's *avatars* and *worlds*

This French designer's site has a host of sexy, creative avatars and some neat VRML worlds. Worth a visit!

Tech: VRML

Kaon 3D Applet
Another 3D applet format to check out...

Kaon Interactive has nice looking demos of product visualization using their Java-based Web3D solution.

A feature I really like: 'measure'. Also, the scene gains resolution as it downloads... pretty lite renderer. No Plug-in Required.

Tech: Java renderer

Pixelblox 3D Widget
This is a neat demonstration of the interactive power of Shout3D applets. As a game or an artistic endeavor, you can sculpt and color a pixelblock! No Plug-in Required.

Tech: Shout3D

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