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Monterey Conference Survey Results -
February 2000

We would like to thank all the people who took time to fill out our survey at the Web3D Symposium! The responses were candid and illuminating...

Here's a quick review of the response, followed by a detailed list of answers.

What's your beef with VRML?
90% of our respondents look favorably upon VRML, but almost half of the respondents don't think VRML achieved what it set out to do. Frequent browser crashes and hassle with plug-ins are thought to be the biggest downsides.

Foundation for 3D
VRMLs biggest achievements are considered providing a good foundation for 3D web and making it available for everyone. Or as one respondent put it: "getting Web 3D started and providing something to improve, expand, explore and complain about."

Will X3D unite the industry?
Although one half of the respondents sees X3D end up as just another 3D web choice, the other half thinks it will unite the industry.

Buzzword in 2003?
According to most of our respondents 3D web will be the buzzword in 2003. The standards to meet for web 3D ubiquity are srandardization, browser reliability, high bandwidth and speed. Compelling content and 3D games-like visualization will boost the 3D web.

(Least) Favorite browsers
Cosmoplayer scores high is the ranks of favorite browsers followed by Cortona and Contact. Quite a few respondents consider the last one as their least favorite browser.

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