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We post technical and design positions to our talented readership.

If you are an employer or a recruitment and placement firm looking for 3D artists and programmers, you need to post your offerings with us. Our global subscibers are professional programmmers and designers, students, teachers, and hobbyists who are pushing dimenional boundaries on the web.

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Position Title: VRML Programmer 3D Web Developers (3)
Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Salary: Up to 120k


Company Information:

This opportunity is for the "Geeks" and the "Net Rats" with passion for breakthrough 3D web browser technology. Company develop "virtual reality" worlds for E-Commerce, Business to Business and the game entertainment industry.
Industry: Virtual Reality, Graphics

Duties of Position: Responsible for the development of "virtual reality" worlds on the web for E-commerce, Business to Business and the game entertainment industry. Will be programming in (VRML 97) virtual reality modeling language, Java Script and Java. Responsible for creating virtual reality worlds for clients web base applications using Avatars to describe the worlds of real time interactive environments for online users, online shopping, entertainment, on line education and other E Commerce and Business to Business. Responsible for integrating state of the art interactive voice, image, data and communications engineering and technology potentially offers "non Techies" the first truly "intuitive" navigation experience on the web.
Education: MS Electrical Engineering or MS Computer Science
Experience: 3 plus years VRML, Java, JavaScript
Skills: "Virtual Reality", Graphic 3D Web Development, Java, JavaScript, Programming for a web based applications. All Geeks and Net Rats are welcome to apply.
Send Resume to:

SuberMcauley Technical Search and Placement
RE: position 14, electrical/engineering

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