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Congratulations to Jared Rosoff who won the Palm Pilot drawing!
Jared tells us about himself and his involvement in Web3D


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We would like to thanks all the people who took time to fill out our survey at the Web3D Symposium! The responses were candid and illuminating...



Jared Rosoff- Palm Pilot Winner!

When asked about his interests and activities, Jared wrote us:
" isn't it painful to summarize yourself?... well, i'm an undergraduate student at Brown University and i'm the senior software engineer for the department of global work environments at the Fraunhofer Center for Research in Computer Graphics (CRCG). Most of my work at Brown and CRCG has concentrated on distributed real-time systems. "
"I was one of the original authors of the Blink framework, a network architecture for collaborative applications. I now lead the Blink project at CRCG. My group is working on everything from multi-user gaming technology to IP telephony to large-scale distributed computing. "

"Our relation to web3d? Web3D is just one piece of what we're interested in. Our group is trying to pull together the graphics and distributed computing communities. Through the synergy of communication and graphics technology, we will expand the bounds of human to human interaction, allow people to build new communities that transcend geographic, social and political boundaries. We use technology to augment the user. After all, real people are far more interesting than any 3D content."

Killer work Jared! Best of Luck to you, and we'll see you at SIGGRAPH 2000!

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