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Pioneering the Rich Media Frontier, VirtuWorlds' international  team of 3D Techno-Artisans builds High-Quality customizable Virtual Environments for Commerce, Community, and Culture.

By utilizing the VirtuWorlds™ talented stable of information design specialists, technical experts, and media designers,VirtuWorlds is able to provide clients with top-notch consulting and design options, AND custom implementation solutions for their 3D Web needs. 

  • Graphics and Interaction Design
  • Prototyping, Modeling, Asset Management
  • Server and client-side scripting and Programming :
      ECMAscript/JavaScript, Perl, PHP, Java
  • Technology Integration and Content Production:
     X3D, VRML, Shout3D, XML, XSL, SQL, HTML

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and Training


As a key contributor to numerous industry initiatives and technologies, I have presented tutorials and workshops for the integration of Web3D media into concept, workflow, sharing, and publication.
Technical or marketing coursewares from Introductory to Advanced.

Current Research:
3D Information Displays, Interactions, and Architectures


I am investigating cognitive approaches to interactive visualization in virtual environments. Specifically, I am interested in perception and information design for embedding and coordinating multiple information types inside 3D environments. Recent work highlights the use and advantages of open standards such as XML and X3D for "Information-Rich Virtual Environments". In conjunction with Virginia Bioinformatics Institute, we are applying our research to the visualization of immune system simulations and the further improvement of softwares and international standards.

Advisors: Dr. Doug Bowman and Dr. Chris North

Virginia Tech Department and Computer Science and
Center for Human Computer Interaction



  • Polys, Nicholas F., Bowman, Doug A., North, Chris (2004). Information-Rich Virtual Environments: Challenges and Outlook. NASA Virtual Iron Bird Workshop (Day 2, paper & video), NASA Ames.
  • Polys, Nicholas F., Bowman, D., North, C., Laubenbacher, R., Duca, K., (2004). PathSim Visualizer: An Information-Rich Virtual Environment for Systems Biology. Web3D Symposium, Monterey, CA, ACM Press. [paper, project website]
  • Polys, Nicholas F., North, C., Bowman, D., Ray, A., Moldenhauer, M., Dandekar, C. (2004). Snap2Diverse: Coordinating Information Visualizations and Virtual Environments. SPIE Conference on Visualization and Data Analysis (VDA), San Jose, CA. [paper, qt video]
  • Bowman, D., North, C., Chen, J., Polys, N., Pyla, P., and Yilmaz, U. (2003). Information-Rich Virtual Environments: Theory, Tools, and Research Agenda. Proceedings of ACM Virtual Reality Software and Technology, Osaka, Japan, ACM Press.  [paper, qt video]
  • Polys, Nicholas F., (2003). Stylesheet Transformations for Interactive Visualization: Towards Web3D Chemistry Curricula. Web3D Symposium, St. Malo, France, ACM Press. 
    [ paper, examples webpage]
  • Brutzman, Don, Kass, Michael, Polys, Nicholas F. X3D Content Examples, Editing, Conformance Suite and Software Development Kit. Sketches and Applications, SIGGRAPH 2001  ACM Press.
  • Polys, Nicholas F., and Bowman, Doug A. (2004). Desktop Information-Rich Virtual Environments: Challenges and Techniques. Journal of Virtual Reality (to appear).
    [ submitted; nodes and report]

Book Chapters



  • Polys, Nicholas F., Duca, K. A., Laubenbacher, R., Bowman, D. A., North, C. (2003). Interactive Visualization of Biological Databases using Information-Rich Virtual Environments. Digital Biology: The Emerging Paradigm, Silver Springs, MD, National Institute of Health.
    The poster as sized to an 11 inch x 17 inch .pdf file is available here

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