Focus on 3D Media and Design

We are pleased to deliver a pair of features specifically addressing how the principles of design play out in real-time 3D multimedia.

  • Graphical User Interfaces: 2D, 3D, and Web3D
    by Larry Rosenthal,
    cube3 productions

    Co-founder of the New York VRML Sig, reknown Web3D content producer, and accomplished media developer Larry Rosenthal investigates the elements, purposes, and roles that deep-media can play in interface design.

  • Techniques of Perception in VRML
    by n_polys
    This feature will help orient digital designers to the nature and capabilites of Web3D technology, specifically the ISO standard, VRML. From concept to implementation, this feature illustrates the principle media mechanisms for building immersive online worlds.

Onsite- European Web3D Companies
Profliles and interviews with top-tier firms!

echtzeit AG (Berlin)

PhilemonWorks (Netherlands)



Current features
* Graphical User Interfaces: 2D, 3D, and Web3D
* Techniques of Perception in VRML
Onsite Features- Europe:
* Echtzeit AG
* Lunatic Interactive
* PhilemonWorks

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