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Lunatic Interactive (Berlin)
by N. Polys.

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After The Web3D Symposium in Paderborn, I used my remaining time in Europe to visit Berlin and investigate the Internet media scene of the new German capitol. In recent years, the city has earned a reputation as a hot, new locus for business and culture. In particular, I was seeking out the Web3D companies who warranted international coverage in the 3DeZine because of their continual ground-breaking work in content, solutions, and technology.

Lunatic Interactive has long been a name in the business, having been featured in every Web3D RoundUp for the last 3 consecutive years! My first exposure to them was in Paderborn at VRML98 where they debuted "KnightNurbs" with Intel and blaxxun at the Web3D RoundUp and gave a great reception that opened with a traditional German band and ended in a techno dance party. A year later, I met managing director Georg Mnich at the Web3D Symposium in Monterrey where they were showing, among other things, their cool "MysteryHouse" game.

This year in Paderborn at Web3D 2001, they were in the Tradeshow, eCommerce Day, and again featured in the RoundUp for their "Fishing Impossible" project: an aquarium 3D Portal complete with customizable agents (fish) who collect information and links for you. I knew I needed some time with this crew who continues to push the envelope of cool 3D content delivery. I received more detailed background information while at the conference from Carolin Grandl, Lunatic's assistant manager for marketing and public relations, and we confirmed our appointment to meet in Berlin…

Philosophy and Approach
I met Georg and Carolin at Lunatic's loft studios on the east side of Berlin the following Monday. With this quality time, I was able to find out more about the philosophy and approach that has served them so well over the years.

Lunatic received well-deserved notoriety from their early deployment of a project called "Starlight Express" with TicketMaster and Stella, where users could preview and order various seats in a stadium or auditorium. It was a novel and useful application of 3D media quite ahead of its time. It was sophisticated enough to connect the 3D preview system with the online ordering system, and light enough to be used over a 28.8 modem.

When asked about this ground-breaking work, Georg smiled, "It was the first real commercial application to bring interactive 3D to ground that was already there; ground that could only be sown through the status quo- narrowband. In this case, the demands for market reach required that the solution be light." It is both a matter of value and pride that most Lunatic deliverables can easily fit on a 3.5 inch floppy and over such narrow pipe. Starlight Express was only 250k for all 3D media and resources!

Through efficient design, smart programming, and 'curiously low' polygon data Lunatic Interactive solutions bring all the advantages of 3D visualization and animation within easy reach of any internet-standard platform.

Not only have they pushed the envelope of function and delivery to make interactive 3D viable for the mass market, they have also pushed the envelope of the content to be delivered: the development of "KnightNurbs" (a brilliant character who has a series of surreal, sound-filled adventures), and "Digi" (a customer service bot built for German Telekom at the Expo conference). Their most recent "Fishing Impossible" connects your personal 3D aquarium and its population to web-agent software allowing users to have a fun, customizable, and emergent interface to the web.

Mr. Mnich attributes their continued success and survival to their workflows and production process. Creative solutions are cooked up and produced in their customized media-laboratory, which gives them quick turnaround and healthy cross-media optimization. "Design is 50% of production" Mr. Mnich said.


Lunatic Interactive's main focus is on real-time 3D animation. If you are intending to implement complex online and multimedia projects, they can build a solution for you.

  • HTML, VRML 2.0, X3D, , and other 3D online techniques
  • Programming ranges from Java and Javascript EAI to database connectivity
  • 3D modeling and animation with the support of Maya, 3D Studio MAX and SGI's Cosmoworld are part of our standard activities
  • Multi-user chat environments with the excellent blaxxun interactive server technology are regular projects at Lunatic

Lunatic supports you in finding the perfect solution for your preferred corporate approach through consulting, concept and development, to production and coordination. They pride themselves on bringing you the perfect solution.


- Digi virtual character; X3D Partner: Telekom/T-Nova Client: T-Online
- Intelligent Services trailer Client: BSHG/Siemens
- Mystery House 3D navigation; game Partner: Telekom/T-Nova Client: T-Online
- BOL trailer; stereo 3D projection Client: Bertelsmann Online
- Victoria stereo 3D projection Client: Vereinsbank Victoria Bauspar AG
- Mannesmann trailer; 3D shopping mall Client: Mannesmann
- Advopolis law and tax community Partner: Blaxxun AG, Munich Client: Advopolis
- Virtual Events 3D - trade show; online Client: intel Europe
- Starlight Express X3D ticket booking system Client: Stella AG, Hamburg
- Airbus A300 collaborative working environment Client: Alcatel Skybridge
- KnightNURBS technology visualization Client: blaxxun AG, München
- Lawn Mower 3D product visualization Partner: intel Europa Client: WolfGarten
More projects at: http://www.lunatic.de/index_projects.htm


Lunatic Interactive is a top-tier production house for creative Web3D content solutions and arguably the most seasoned. Their proven methodology for producing and deploying sticky Web3D content will continue to keep them in the forefront of a brave, new cyberspace.

Right now they started developing 3D content for next generation video-mobiles. So we can stay tuned for pda productions from Lunatic! _n_polys

Quick Profile (Part 2)

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