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echtzeit AG
The Virtual Worlds Company (Berlin)

by N. Polys.

Quick Profile

echtzeit AG 1995 founded as a GmbH; an AG since 1999 50 Employees


Customer Target Groups

echtzeit's customers include global players within the following industries: clothing manufacture, trade fair, seminar and conference production, banking, retail, telecommunications, architecture, city planning, construction. Given its origins as an R & D lab for a wide variety of multinationals, echtzeit features the ability to immediately respond to nearly any customer-centric challenge.


Business Activities

echtzeit ag is one of the world's leading providers of Internet-based 3D business products and services.

The company's goal: To visualize complex content so that it's realistic and easy to navigate. Through the simulation of three-dimensional scenes, navigation and information can be experienced intuitively and business transactions are thereby accelerated. Advanced virtual reality, hypermedia and visualization technologies form the basis of an innovative business environment that integrates interactive communications services and multimedia content. echtzeit offers software applications and custom total solutions in the fields of 3D guide, 3D eProcurement and 3D communication.

  • 3D guide
    e:city® : 3D city information system for capturing, recreating and enabling the navigation or, and transaction within the cities of the world via the Internet
    e:fair® : 3D trade fair, exhibit and conference navigation and transaction system
    e:shop® : integrated 3D online shopping system to ISP, telcos and broadband retailers
  • 3D communication
    e:talk® : innovative software for picture telephony on the Internet
    e:finance® : 3D-module for financial communication on www
    e:show® : 3D-module for event management
    e:coach® : 3D-information management system
  • 3D eProcurement
    e:marketplace® : 3D-visualisation of product as an integrated module of a virtual commercial platform
    e:dress® : 3D sales and presentation environments for the garment industry

Deutsche Bank AG
Deutsche Post AG
Deutsche Software AG
Deutsche Telekom AG
Deutscher Sparkassen und Giroverband e.V.
Deutsches Architekturzentrum
IBM Deutschland
Investitionsbank Berlin
Siemens AG
Swiss Re

Stragetic Alliances
Artificial Life Inc.
Xceed Inc.


Current features
* Graphical User Interfaces: 2D, 3D, and Web3D
* Techniques of Perception in VRML
Onsite Features- Europe:
* Echtzeit AG
* Lunatic Interactive
* PhilemonWorks

Previous Features
* Interactive Web Graphics with Shout3D Book
* Web3D 2001 Coverage
* Core Web3D Book
* Spazz3D: Authoring-tool
* Game Programming in VRML
* State of the Industry
* The X3D Initiative (2000)
* Alphabet Soup: Our glossary of technical acronyms

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