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Visit The First Wonder of the World- the Great Pyramids of Giza Egypt! This portion of the site is in Virtual Reality Modelling Language VRML . We are pushing the envelope of the web to bring you to new, interactive dimensions!

A fast computer with good graphics is recommended to view these VRML worlds.

In our VirtuWorlds™ Giza you can walk , fly, or take a magic carpet ride as you explore this sacred site. The Plateau is currently undergoing some serious construction, so be sure and visit often. The Pyramid of Art and the Transcendent Marketplace will be opening soon! Please let the world load entirely before setting off!

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TO enter the portal,
  • Download a Virtual Reality Modelling Language Browser for your computer, and install it on your machine. We recommend Cosmo Player 2.1. It is available for free, and runs best with Netscape 4.x:
  • For Real Audio Functionality, download their plug-in at
  • If you have a VRML 2.0-compliant Browser, click the links above and explore the hottest virtual real estate around!

    It is inevitable that our global information network evolves beyond its current dimensional boundaries and expands into a more immersive, interactive, and intuitive realm: the browsing of the World Wide Web in 4-dimensions (space and relativistic time).

You can use Virtuworlds™ Giza for all your Online Shopping:

At the center of interactivity, the VirtuWorldsTM Giza web site, provides an extensive, varied, and high-quality media catalog for on-line browsing, purchase, and download (if applicable). The catalog of music, books, and videos consists of Independent Titles, as well as titles licensed from:,, eToys, and Liquid Audio .

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