We picked a number of other great demos from the Web3D Roundup that are worth mentioning:

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ICEBORG - The MeetFactory has cooked up another amazing virtual community project set on a frozen, radioactive asteroid! Their ongoing holistic production approach is yeilding beautiful results. Blaxxun Interactive showed a beautifully aesthetic Multi-User VRML world for kids based on the Grimm Fairy tales; an easy gesture interface and the speech synthesis makes this a really fun place to go!
Artists from the MeetFactory, Banff Center for the Arts, and programmers from Parallel Graphics and Feuersee are collaborating on this twisted and beautiful Multi-User world. You build your virtual homestead by seeking and exchanging bits of refuse and toxic garbage which you find and collect along your adventures.

New Pencil Inc. showed a cool
Monster Truck game based on a real-time
physics engine.
DRaW Computing showed their stuff: from their powerful OpenWorlds Software Toolkit for any 3D solution, to their Horizons browser, to their XML compliant X3D viewer, these guys know 3D!  Pulse Entertainment showed some DotComix
content which runs on their proprietary plug- in.
Sister Randy was a huge hit - a smoking nun giving a diatribe art-history lesson! Check it out! They announced that their authoring conversion package will be available soon for free (at least for a limited time!)
Geometrek showed DeepWave, a cool bit of software for WinAmp and Blaxxun which drives geometry and events in VRML from Fourier Tranform data on sound files in popular audio formats. Hypercosm demonstrated their 3D format with a number of convincing worlds- one planetary visualization whose beauty came from the simplicity of it all...
Rumor has it they might be opening up their authoring software in the near future.  
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