Web3D 2000 Papers

Best paper went to:
Under the Hood of GeoVRML 1.0
by Martin Reddy, Lee Iverson, Yvan G. Leclerc

There were some excellent panels and papers presented!
There were 20 papers covering the following topics::

Modeling & Simulation

Advanced Geometry Representations



Moving Data

Applications (1 and 2)


Fifth Symposium on the Virtual Reality Modeling Language is Published by:

Association for Computing Machinery SIGGRAPH (ACM)

PO Box 12114
Church Street Station
New York, NY 10257

ACM Order Number: 434004
ACM ISBN: 1-58113-211-5


The Panels were stimulating as well:

Special Panel Session on Multi-User Environments

Implementing Multi-User Virtual Worlds: Ideologies and Issues

Commercial Applications of 3D on the Web

Forging Interactive Experiences: A Content Perspective

New Uses of Interactive 3D For Museums


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