SHOUT Interactive showed some extensions
to their Core-Profile and proposed X3D
implementation- NURBS, and MultiUser
components that should be released in the
near future. They have posted Shout3D
developer's kits for the major platforms which
allow you to convert VRML 97 into plug-in-less

Spazz3D's powerful new authoring software
(version 2.0) can export your VRML as well
and has a Shout3D wizard to make it easy!

Shout3D is a lite, cross-platform (Java), low-
budget solution for 3D web delivery that
currently can run a subset of VRML97
functionality. With a small applet, end-users
can get interactive 3D content without a
browser plug-in and under 80K. A VRML 97
Applet is not yet available, so some nodes are
unsupported. A big plus is that the X3D Core
profile IS and they provide a SDK to convert
your content. A branded demo is available for
free and a developer's version for $199.00.

Watch for 3DEZine Issue 2 when we show
some of this technology!

Blaxxun Interactive also has Java X3D
Core-Profile applet called Blaxxun3d which
is available as a branded demo for free and
per domain at $499.00.

ParallelGraphics- If you need the broader
capabilities of a full VRML browser, but are
concerned about plug-in download,
ParallelGraphics has released a seamless,
incremental download technology for their
Cortona browser. Initial invisible install is
around 500K.

DRaW Computing- As of our last update, the
Draw Computing X3D Core-Profile
implementation is the only one to have an XML
parser built in weighs in at around 200K.

Spazz 3D Authoring- A new release of a
powerful 3D Web authoring tool: Spazz3D! From
sophisticated modelling capabilities like Index
Face Set point and polygon editing with Spheres
of Influence, swept surfaces, and NURBS to cool
pre-fab animations and full key-frame control,
Spazz now ranks with the most capable 3D Web
Production tools. In addition to flexible VRML
Export options, Spazz now has Shout3D Export
and costs a bargain $100.00!

Watch out for Issue 2 where we implement,
investigate, and compare these products for 3DEZine!